A good footwear fitting experience is always rooted in a good conversation. The Valley Running Company’s fit process is very informative and a super fun experience. Fit and comfort are first priority. At the customer’s option (but it’s encouraged; don’t be shy!), we utilize videotaped analysis of the individual’s stride, biomechanics and foot strike to assist in the proper footwear determination process. There is no need to make an appointment and it is a free service that is a natural part of our business. And rest assured that there is never any pressure to buy.

We firmly believe in the importance of a proper fitting and appropriate type of shoe.  We will invest as much time as necessary to get you and your feet to the right place.

As humans, we each have different foot strikes, unique gaits, biomechanics, injury history and running experience levels. It’s important to acknowledge and address that reality when buying running footwear. We are not medical professionals, but our well trained staff can offer you valuable insight as to which is the proper footwear to address your specific needs and goals.